CanVote has the experience and expertise to provide a wide range of voting services including various combinations of voting by internet, telephone, mail and/or on site. The primary conmbinations applicable for the 2014 Ontario municipal elections are:
  • Internetand telephone voting
  • Internet and mail voting
  • Internet and on site voting

Internet and Telephone Voting

This is our classic voting service that CanVote has provided to Ontario municipalities since 2003. Electors can vote by their choice of Internet or Touch-Tone telephone in English or French at any time over a six day period including voting day. Internet voting can be by smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Electors can also vote in person at touch screen voting stations at voting locations chosen by the municipality, e.g. the municipal office.

Bilingual voter letters with instructions and individual user ids and passwords are sent by first class mail to each elector on the list in Municipal Voter View. We maintain real time connection to MVV not just to the start of voting but right until the last vote is cast. This also means that revisions to the List of Electors are complete and ready to be sent to MPAC by Datafix.

Election officials can monitor election progress in MVV and control access from our management system. Transmissions are encrypted. Our systems are redundant and located in separate secure data centers. We have never had blockage on telephone or Internet access or delay in providing results.

Internet and Mail Voting

Internet and mail voting is a new option for the 2014 Ontario municipal elections. CanVote has provided Internet and mail voting services in other jurisdictions in the past. The vote by mail kit includes both instructions on internet voting as well as return envelopes and paper ballots to vote by return mail. The CanVote system is updated in real time to prevent double voting and provide up to date reporting. The return envelopes are scanned and the ballots are tallied manually or by ballot scanners. Receipt of a return envelope or a vote by Internet marks the elector as voted and no subsequent vote is allowed. Electors can vote on site by Internet at locations chosen by the municipality. Internet and mail tallies are combined at the end of the voting period.

Internet and On Site Voting

CanVote has provided Internet only voting service for numerous elections in the past. Electors who do not have computers or are not comfortable with them can vote by touch screen in person at designated locations in a manner similar to classic paper ballot voting.

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