CanVote has the proven experience and expertise to provide a wide range of voting services including various combinations of voting by internet, telephone, mail and/or on site.


  • Marketing Research shows that the convenience of electronic voting is key to increased voter participation.
  • Electors can vote conveniently by telephone or internet from home, office or far away any time during the extended voting period.
  • CanVote electronic voting is convenient and accessible for voters with a broad range of disabilities.


  • Electors can typically vote by internet in less than a minute or by telephone in three minutes or less.
  • Election results are provided within minutes of the end of the election.


  • Voters' intentions are accurately recorded and reported.
  • Overvoting or unintentional undervoting are prevented by helpful prompts and queries.
  • Results are computer tabulated.


  • Multiple connections to major internet carriers.
  • Toll-free access to a large number of telephone ports.
  • Fully redundant servers and replicated databases.
  • Dual power supplies, dual power connections, dual battery and diesel power backup.
  • 24/7 monitoring of hardware and software.
  • Offsite database backup.


  • Data centre facilities and access are protected by state of the art intrusion detection and prevention technologies.
  • Management and voting access is restricted by private Voter Identification Numbers, user IDs and passwords.
  • Transmissions are 128-bit encrypted using Secure Socket Layer (SSL).
  • System access events are logged for tracking and auditing.

Cost Effective

  • CanVote voting services are cost effective compared with voting by polls and paper ballots, tabulators or mail.
  • CanVote internet and telephone voting services can be combined with voting by polls, paper ballots, tabulators and mail.
  • CanVote can provide all of your voting requirements from voter lists to voter letters to all of your voting.
  • There is no large staff of temporary poll workers.

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