Welcome to the CanVote website. CanVote is an Ontario owned and operated company with headquarters in Toronto. We started the company in Eastern Ontario in 2003 to provide electronic voting services for the local municipal elections. We are 100% Canadian including our management, technical staff, servers and data centres. We are located close by to serve you best.

Real time interface with DATAFIX Municipal Voter View (MVV)
CanVote's "Internet and telephone voting system is the one that offers the most accessibility and flexibility to voters... It is a very efficient system... Hawkesbury has been very satisfied with CanVote's services over the years." - Clerk, Town of Hawkesbury, Ontario.

We were the first company to provide Internet and telephone voting services in Canada. We provided Internet and telephone voting services to Ontario municipalities in 2003, 2006 and 2010. We will again in 2014. Internet voting has continued to grow in popularity versus telephone with each municipal election. We have also expanded to provide voting services to universities, associations and others on an ongoing basis. We have many repeat customers. We have always completed our elections on time at the scheduled close of voting on election day and provided final results within minutes.

We continue to improve our voting system, procedures and services. For the 2006 Ontario municipal elections we developed a computer to computer interface with Datafix Municipal Voter View (MVV) to provide up to the second accurate voter list information. We have provided clients with various combinations of internet, mail and telephone voting. For the 2014 municipal elections we are providing Internet voting together with vote by mail.

Our primary services for municipalities, assocations, universities and others are:

  • Internet, telephone and on site voting
  • Internet and on site voting
  • Internet, mail and on site voting

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